Aliexpress has become very difficult with int'l shipping addresses.  We are looking at new methods to help solve some of their constraints.  In the mean time, here are some things to consider when correcting int'l shipping addresses while resubmitting failed orders:

  1. All countries must be submitted using 2-character country code (resource:

  2. Great Britain (GB) should always be submitted as "UK"  (while this is not 100% correct, Ali seems to think so)

  3. City mapping can be difficult to match up.  If you can't find the exact city doing a google search on address insert "other"

  4. Orderlytics does language translations to English, but remove/replace foreign characters or symbols  

Amazon is better at supporting a broader set of attributes, but when in doubt use the above suggestions (except "other" city does not work for Amazon)

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