Sometimes you want to provide your customers with a menu option to select a choice, like, size, color or quantity.  You can do this in Clickfunnels using the Custom Input Menu option.  Orderlytics can pick up those options and associate them to a specific Retailer Product ID/SKU

NOTE:  Clickfunnels is not intended to be a true shopping cart with multiple variation options.  Given this limitation, Orderlytics can only support one (1) custom input option for unique variant.  This is due to each variant requires a unique CF product ID and combinations of product IDs by variant would become too many.

To configure the Custom Input field

  1.  Select Input Type:  Custom Options

  2.  Custom Type Name:  orderlytics_id  (name required for Orderlytics to parse data)

  3.  Value:  Enter a unique value for each menu option (Note: this becomes your CF product ID you enter into Orderlytics)

  4.  Text:  Enter a name that will be displayed on your menu

Once you have configured your CF order form with your Custom Input field go over to Orderlytics and enter a NEW PRODUCT.

The Product ID Field with be the VALUE your entered into the Custom Input field (e.g., custom-color-black)

All the other fields when creating a new product in Orderlytics remain the same.  For example, the Retailer Product ID/SKU field is the Amazon ASIN or Aliexpress SKU

Set Quantity to 1 unless you need Orderlytics to order more than one item.

Select SAVE.

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