Over the past several months customers inquired about getting an improved View Orders page view.  The current view was very flat where ever order was a new order.  This was true even for resubmitted failed orders.  This created a parent / child order relationship.  The issue with the flat hierarchy view was that if the resubmitted order (child order) was not processed near the same time the original order (parent) failed it became very difficult to trace successful resubmitted orders.

Over time this caused several issues with customer not being able to clearly understand what has been resubmitted successfully.  And,  in some cases a duplicate re-submission may happen.

This has now been resolved with several View Orders Page enhancements.

Grouped Orders Layout View

The Grouped Orders Layout view lists multiple orders together that represent all the Parent and Child orders.  Parent order will always be listed on top with child orders nested under.

Grouped Order with Successful Resubmit
Notice the green lines and Child flag indicator

Grouped Order with Failed Resubmit
Notice the amber lines and Child flag indicator

How Activate / Deactivate Grouped Layout View

Watch view on how to turn on and off Grouped Layout View

 Mobile view does not show the grouped layout (nested orders)

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