NOTE:  This article covers steps for unlocking Amazon accounts.  This process works for Aliexpress accounts too.

Amazon is very security conscious and will do almost anything to protect user accounts.  This is a good thing.  However, it does pose challenges for applications who interface with Amazon services.

When you place an Amazon order from your computer Amazon creates a profile of your account.  They will note anytime access to your account was from a different source.  If this happens Amazon may send an account verification code to the owner email.  As the account owner you must enter this verification code to access your account.  If too many orders (e.g. more than five orders) are sent to the account before it's verified Amazon will lock the account.  The only way to process orders is to unlock the account from the source who originated the initial order, which may not be your computer.  Using Orderlytics will result that Orderlytics must enter the code to verify the source of the new orders.  Orderlytics can verify / unlock your account through our Unlock script.

Unlock Script Access

If your Orderlytics account has set up Amazon as a Retailer the Tools page will be available from the Retailers Account menu.

  • Note:  If you do not have an Amazon account set up in your Retailers section the Tools menu will not be displayed.

The main Unlock Amazon Script page provides a menu option to select your Retailer account.  Select the one that received the verification code message from Amazon. Enter "Process" to proceed.

Once the Unlock script runs you will see a message stating the process has started. The spinning cog wheel is an indication the process is running.

  • Note:  Do NOT Close or Navigate away from the page while the cog wheel is running.  This will cause the process to crash and may cause a hard lock at Amazon where you will need to call Amazon.

After about a minute or two you will receive an email from Amazon with a new verification code.  You will have 10 minutes to enter the code.  After 10 minutes the code expires.

Enter the email code in the "Email Code" box above and select Send Code button

The cog wheel will continue to spin.  Once Amazon accepts the code you will receive an "Amazon Unlocked" message.

If you do not see the Amazon Unlocked message repeat the process.

Once your account is unlocked submit (or resubmit) a few orders from the Orders page to verify Orderlytics can process your orders.

  • Note:  If an order fails after unlocking the account please check the error message to make sure it did not fail due to account verification.

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