Most cases shipping rules and methods can be applied at a global account level.  Meaning, the Shipping Method you assign under the Retailer Account can apply to all products.  There are instances when you have a unique product that needs a different shipping rule or treatment.  This is when Product Mapping is used.

What is Product Mapping?
Product Mapping is when you need to assign a unique shipping method for a particular product.  This might be driven by geographic or by the location of the fulfillment center.

To set up product mapping you need to configure your account in the following areas:

  1. Retailer Account - create a unique retailer and vary the shipping method to match the countries where you need to ship product.

  2. GEO Rules - create a Product Mapping rule to match the shipping by country.

 Once the Retailer Account and GEO Rule for Product Mapping are set up.  Go to the Product Mapping section under Products.

Under Product Mapping you will want to complete the form as listed below.  The upper section is required for the mapping rule, product identifier and associated GEO Rule.

The Override Settings allow you to modify the Retailer Product ID/SKU and Quantity.  These items are optional.  

Retailer Product ID/SKU
A scenario when you might have a different Retailer Product ID/SKU is that if you main product is fulfilled out of China, but there is a USA fulfillment option.  The USA fulfillment product will have a different SKU from the China product version.  Enter the RPID/SKU for the USA version.  If you leave blank the main product will be used.

If you want to ship more quantity than what was on the original order then enter a quantity.  Otherwise, leave this field blank to use the quantity listed on the order.

The last two options are Shipping Method and Retailer Account.  You would adjust these settings if your product for this account needed to be shipped using a different method.  For example, you have a product for USA shipping addresses can be fulfilled from a US fulfillment warehouse that uses USPS shipping.  Typically, for Aliexpress sellers ePacket is the choice.  But, this is for product shipped from China.  In this case ePacket is not available.  USPS is the primary choice.  You would set up a rule to ship all US customers to use USPS shipping for this one product.  All other products in you product list come from China and therefore would use ePacket (global shipping method).

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