Oh, Snap!

We are sorry that you want to cancel your Orderlytics account.  If you reach out to Eric via Intercom he can try to resolve your situation or help with maximizing the service.

If you still want to cancel your account here are the steps to delete your account.

  1. Access your Orderlytics Account profile page by clicking on your name (top right)

  2. Select the Profile button to access the Profile Page

  3. Select the Delete Account button

That seems simple enough.  But, do to the dynamic nature of automated ordering there are a few things you have to keep in mind.  The following are the account cancellation logic and billing rules that we need to consider.

Order Logic / Billing Rules

  1. If the number of orders that have not been billed yet is less than 26, when you select Delete Account button your account will be cancelled immediately and the monthly subscription stopped.

  2. If you have generated more than 26 orders that have not been billed, you can not delete your account until the end of the billing cycle.  The on-screen notice will provide the billing cycle end date.  Once your account usage has been paid you may delete your account anytime after that date. 

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