So, you want to create a monthly product subscription to renew a customer products every month.  Now you can do this with Orderlytics and Stripe.

The typical scenario is you want to offer a free trial product, then renew product every 30 days.  Creating monthly subscriptions is nothing new especially for platforms, like Clickfunnels, Shopify and WooCommerce.  These monthly subscriptions are usually for digital products or memberships.  What about physical products?  How do you initiate a "new product order" without having the customer come back to your website.

It's easy with a little upfront configuration.  Here are the steps to setup your account:

  1. Create recurring subscription inside your website (e.g., Clickfunnels) using Stripe as the payment gateway.

  2. Add your product to Orderlytics product table like normal (setting CF product ID & Retailer product ID/SKU)

  3. Go to Stripe and set the Stripe Webhook (link available under the Orderlytics Info menu).  Make sure to set webhook to invoice.payment_succeeded

  4. In Stripe, create a new subscription for your product

  5. Edit Stripe subscription Metadata section to include the following fields:

   Metadata Fields:

6.  Submit a test order from your website to test.  (note: you may need to set repeat order to one (1) day instead of 30 days to test recurring product purchase.)

Let me know if you have any questions or run into issues.

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