When setting up your Orderlytics app there are many configuration settings to choose from that may make it look confusing.  Rest assured there are in reality only a few settings you need to set to get started.  Most of the others come into play as you become more advanced and run into complex scenarios.

What are the minimum settings do I need to get started?

Gift Option
If you are using Amazon as a retailer, then you will want to turn on the Gift Option. The Place Order as Gift option is important if you want to suppress product prices from the Amazon packing receipt.

  • Set Place Order as Gift to As Gift

  • Enter a Gift Message if you want to send a message to your customer (not required - you can choose to leave blank)

Customer Phone Number Override
As a drop shipper you most likely don't want retailers/suppliers calling your end customer with order questions or delivery instructions.  You can enter your business phone number for every order so that if there are any retailer/supplier questions they will be directed to you instead of your end customer.

  •  Enter phone number to be inserted on every order

Note:  The actual customer phone number is not modified on the Orderlytics order details so that you have access to your customer information.

What about the other product settings?
The other product settings are useful, but they are not required for every situation.  Please read the complete Settings Page Overview article for more information.

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