When you first get started you need to add products to the Orderlytics database so that you can make retailer/supplier product associations.  These associations tell Orderlytics which products to purchase to ship to your customers.

Import from Shopify
Importing products from an existing Shopify store is easy.  All you need to do is select the Products >> Import From Store from the Shopify menu to get to the import page.

Once on the Shopify Product Import page, you will be able select the specific Shopify Store and which retailer/supplier you want to assign.  After selecting the retailer/supplier click the Import button to pull in the store products.

The store products will be displayed as a list with product detail.  The list will look as follows...

The product list includes an image, SKU and price along with a Select Product checkbox.  Select the products you want to import and click the green Import button at the bottom of the page.  All successfully imported products will have a green "imported" flag 

Products that have product variants (e.g., multiple sizes, colors...etc) will display all of the SKUs to select to import

After you finish importing all the products for that retailer/supplier repeat the process for another retailer/supplier.  

When you are done importing, go to the Product List page.  Select the Products >> Product List option from the menu

The Product List page provides a listing of all imported products that looks like the following...

For the imported products you will need to assign the Retailer Product ID/SKU to each product to complete the product association.  Select the blue Search button in the Retailer Product ID/SKU field

After selecting the Search button you will see a product search results page.  

Note:  You may need to modify the search value to get the results you need.  The initial search is based on the product name field.  If the name field is too granular, then there may not be any search results.

Once you find the product you want to use select the green "Use this Product" button.

If that product has any product variants you will see a product variant page with a list of every product variant.  Select the products/variants you want to add.  

If the product has a single SKU (no variants) the Product variant page will state "No product variants found".  Just select the green "Use this Product" button to continue.

After selection, the product will show as "Active" in the Product List page.  

Note:  There is no need to upload the product back to your store since is already exists.

To learn how to add new products visit how to add products using product search 

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