As an Amazon FBA Seller you can use promo codes minimize the cost when purchasing products.  The requirement is that your Amazon Seller account must the a Pro version to generate promo codes.  The free Amazon Seller account does not allow the creation of promo codes.

Amazon Promo Code Setup

  1.  Go into your Amazon Pro Seller account and under the Advertising section you will see the ability to create a promo code.  You can issue a global code or single-use codes.  The key is to mark the promo codes as PRIVATE so it does not appear on your Amazon listing page.

  2. Inside Orderlytics there are two areas you need to configure.  The first is on the main Orderlytics Settings page.  Select what type of code did you create (global or single-use).

  3. Next, go to the Promo Codes section and select Code List.  The Code List section will have you create a code list based on the code type.  

  4. Next go to the Promo Code > Settings section to associate the list name to the merchant / seller ID.

Once that is done any order that comes in will apply the promo code.  You will get the discount associated to the code.

Please note:  do not use your Amazon sellers account under the Retailer account section since Amazon does not allow sellers to buy their own products

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