Finding the right product to promote on your website can be challenging.  There are so many variables to consider.  Time and time again I see people build stores filled with hundreds or even thousands of products hoping the find one that sells.  Most successful stores are targeted to a specific niche and may only have a few products.  If you follow this strategy your store will be easier to manage and promote.

My suggestion is to do some research on Facebook by looking at your news feed to see what products are being promoted.  Look a news feeds from different gender and age groups to get a sense of all hot products instead of the ones just promoted at you.

In addition to Facebook, look at the native ads being promoted on top sites.  Native ads are huge to find killer products.  You can find native ads everywhere, like Yahoo, Bing, news and gossip websites.  Just look for the "sponsored article" notice near an eye catching image.  Native ad providers, like Taboola and ContentRev are the top providers.

Google trends is another good source for hot product niches

Hit me up if you want more strategies on how to find products...

Orderlytics Product Search
Now that you have found some products you want to promote, how do you get them added to Orderlytics?

First, go to the Products >> Search page and select from one of the retailers that we have a product feed.

If you are doing a top level search to get as many results possible, then leave the Category set to Category - ALL.  Enter a search phrase that best describes what you are looking for.  Remember, the "less is more" concept.  The less filters (e.g., category) and detailed phases will return a lot of results.  Maybe that's good if you are just starting to search.  As you want to narrow your search results enter more descriptive phases, like brand name.

The search results will display a list of known products available from that retailer. The list will include product image, title, and price to help you find the right product.
You will notice the illustration below has some products that are available and some that are not (red message).  The reason the product may not be available is primarily due to supplier stock.  It also can be due to the retailer depreciating the product SKU (e.g., Amazon ASIN).  

The available products will have a green "Use this Product" button and "View Item" link.

What happens if the product I'm looking for does not come up on the search results. In this case, I would recommend using the Add Product by URL service to add the exact product you need.

When you decide that you want to add a specific product, select the Use this Product button.

If I select the first item in the list (pitchback rebound net) you will see a blank modal window pop up with a "No variants found" message.  This is normal.  It just means this product does not have any additional product variations (e.g., size or color). 

Click the green "Use this Product" button again to continue.  The application will take you to the Product List page with the new product added to the table. 

IMPORTANT:  You MUST add a Product ID value to save.

The Product ID must match your Shopify Product SKU or Clickfunnels / WooCommerce Product ID.  

Note:  Shopify stores that do not have an existing SKU can enter any value.

If you are uploading the product to your Shopify store you will want to adjust the price to include a profit margin (e.g., 20-30%) over the cost of the product.  

Enter Save to update the product with your product parameters.

Products with variants
Some products have variants because they have multiple sizes and colors.  Each product variation has a unique product SKU.  You will need to identify products and there variants that you want to include.

If you select a product that has variants the modal window will look like the following.

Each product will have a SKU (ASIN), Title, Variation and Price.  You can see the product differences in the title or variation column.  Select the products you want to include into Orderlytics and your store.

Increase Price by percentage
At the top of the Product Variants page there is a Increase Price Percentage box. Use this as a way to assign you profit margin to the list price.

Product Upload to Store
Once you have added products to the Orderlytics Product List you have the option to upload the products to your store.  Use the Store Menu at the top of the page and select the products (checkmark) that you want to upload.

The Store Menu options are:

  1. Select Store 

  2. Product WITH / WITHOUT Variants

  3. Product Is Published / Not Published

If you select WITH VARIANTS you will be asked to identify one product as the Main Product.  This product will be the main product listing and all the variants will be added to the same product in your store with a variant menu selector.

Selecting WITHOUT VARIANTS uploads every product as an individual product listing in your store.

Published vs. Not Published simply means is the product visible on your website to customers (published).

Once the product is uploaded to your store you can edit, modify or delete the product in the Shopify Admin section.

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