There are times when you know exactly what product you want to promote and you can find it on the retailer/supplier website.  There are also cases when you can't find the product via the product search feed.  In these situations, the perfect solution is to Search Product by URL.

How do I search for products by URL?
Go to the Products menu and select Add Products by URL.  This will bring up the search bar to paste in the product URL.  Here is an example of the URL you would enter.  Include everything up to the .html portion.  Don't include any part of the query string (part after "?" ) as this hinders the search engine.

URL Format Example

Currently Orderlytics only supports product search by URL for:

  • Amazon

  • Aliexpress

  • Walmart

The results page will return the product listing with image, title and price.

If the product has product variants (e.g., size and color), then the variants will be displayed as well (see below).

Select the product SKU checkboxes and add any markup percentage in the Increase Price box, then use the green Import Selected button at the bottom of the page.

The imported products will be added to your product listing page with all field completed and active.

Use the Store Menu options at the top of the page to upload the products to your store.

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