Once you are ready to have Orderlytics process orders into your retailers you will need to add a Retailer Account so that when Orderlytics places an order into the retailer we are doing it on your behalf.

Go to the Retailers menu and select Retailer Acct to load the Retailer Account page.

On the Retailers Account page select the New Account "+" to expand the section

The expanded new account section enables you to complete the form to set up your retailer account within Orderlytics. 

Note:  If you do not have an existing retailer/supplier account for any of the supported retailers you will need to set up your account at the retailers website first.

Account Name & Retailer Credentials
The top section is for the retailer account name and login credential.  

  1. Enter an Account Name, like Amazon - Non-Prime or Aliexpress 1

  2. Select the Retailer from the pull down menu

  3. Enter your login credentials - Email and Password

Note:  After you enter your password it will not be visible for security reasons.  To update simply enter new value into blank field.

One of the retailer account benefits, is that you can set up multiple retailer accounts for the same retailer.  You might ask, ...Why would I want to set up multiple Amazon accounts?

Setting up multiple accounts and making them active will have Orderlytics rotate orders across each account.  This comes in handy if you are trying to spread orders across several accounts.

You can also set up multiple accounts and use them for Prime vs. Non-Prime.  In this case you would set the product assigned to a specific retailer to not rotate.

Shipping Options
Shipping options are set globally for each retailer.  The Shipping Method is the primary setting.  The following are the available Shipping Methods:

  • Cheapest

  • Fastest

  • Free

  • Free Standard - used for Amazon Prime to ship non-prime days

  • ePacket - used for Aliexpress

The Shipping Order by option is used when you want to specify shipping based on Price or Speed options.

Note:  Shipping Order by settings OVERRIDE the Shipping Method.  Typically, all you need is to set the Shipping Method.

When using the Shipping Order by option you must select a Max Days and/or Max Price

Note:  For Aliexpress, use ePacket as the cheapest and fastest method to ship to the USA.

Payment & Billing Sections
The payment and billing sections are the account payment information used to pay for the retailer products.

Note:  Make sure the payment info matches the credit card you have listed on your retailer account.

Note:  List only one payment credit card on your retailer account.  Timeout errors have been known to happen if there are multiple credit cards listed on file.

Use Gift Balance option has been added for Amazon US and UK.  If your Amazon account has a gift card balance you can use that to pay for products. 

Note:  when the gift balance runs out orders will be unsuccessful until the balance is replenished or switch to "not use" gift balance (credit card payment reinstated)

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