Orderlytics now integrates into Amazon FBA accounts for sending Fulfillment Orders from your websites to your product inventory listed in Amazon marketplaces.

To integrate your Amazon FBA accounts simply follow these steps:

STEP 1:  Select Fulfillment Account from Menu

STEP 2:  New Fulfillment Account

From the top of the page enter a descriptive Amazon FBA account name, like Amazon US FBA Acct 1

Expand the Fulfillment drop down menu and select Amazon FBA

From there the New Fulfillment Account form will expand to display all the required fields to integrate your Amazon FBA account.

STEP 3:  Complete Amazon FBA New Account Form 

The next three fields are required and you will need to access your Amazon FBA account to collect the information.

Amazon AWS Access Key ID and Secret Key
The Amazon AWS keys are important to link the correct Amazon Sellers account to your Orderlytics application.

Go to the Amazon AWS Access Keys Page to obtain/setup your access keys.

If you do not have an Amazon AWS follow the steps to Create New Account

Follow the instructions under Create Access Keys

Use the following steps listed on the AWS page to create your keys...

Once you create you keys paste them into the Orderlytics application.

Merchant/Seller ID
Log in to your Amazon Sellers account and go to the Settings >> Integration Settings page

Copy the following Merchant ID and enter them into the Orderlytics New Fulfillment Account form.

  • Merchant ID/Seller ID

Select the Amazon Marketplace
Use the Marketplace menu to select the appropriate Amazon FBA marketplace assigned to your Amazon FBA account.

Note:  If you have inventory listed in more than one Amazon FBA marketplace, then repeat the New Fulfillment Account steps for each Amazon FBA account.

Order Message
Enter a message to be sent to be included on customer facing materials, like packing slips.

Shipping Speed
The shipping method for your fulfillment order.

Shipping Speed Category values:

  • Standard - Standard shipping method.

  • Expedited - Expedited shipping method.

  • Priority - Priority shipping method.

Note: Shipping method service level agreements vary by marketplace. See the Amazon Seller Central website in your marketplace for shipping method service level agreements and fulfillment fees.

Fulfillment Action
Specifies whether the fulfillment order should ship now or have an order hold put on it.

Fulfillment Action values:

  • Ship - The fulfillment order ships now.

  • Hold - An order hold is put on the fulfillment order.

Default: Ship

Fulfillment Policy
Indicates how unfulfillable items in a fulfillment order should be handled.

Fulfillment Policy values:

  • Fill or Kill - If an item in a fulfillment order is determined to be unfulfillable before any shipment in the order moves to the Pending status (the process of picking units from inventory has begun), then the entire order is considered unfulfillable. However, if an item in a fulfillment order is determined to be unfulfillable after a shipment in the order moves to the Pending status, Amazon cancels as much of the fulfillment order as possible. 

  • Fill All - All fulfillable items in the fulfillment order are shipped. The fulfillment order remains in a processing state until all items are either shipped by Amazon or cancelled by the seller.

  • Fill All Available - All fulfillable items in the fulfillment order are shipped. All unfulfillable items in the order are cancelled by Amazon.

Default: Fill or Kill

Shipping Notification
Send Amazon email notifications when shipping process is complete to notify when orders have been shipped.

  • Not in Use - No email notification from Amazon are sent. 

  • Send Mail to User Email Only - Shipping notice to customer email listed on order.

  • Send Mail to User Email and My Email - Shipping notice to customer email listed on order and Amazon Seller account email.

  • Send Mail to My Email Only - Shipping notice to Amazon Seller Account email.

Select SAVE
The new fulfillment account will be listed on the table at the bottom of the Fulfillment page.

The Action Menu provides the ability to:

  • Edit

  • Change Status - Active or Inactive

  • Delete

Once your Fulfillment has been saved and is active it will be available to select when adding products to Orderlytics.

Also, the Amazon Inventory link will become available under the Product menu when the Amazon FBA account is active.

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