Now that your Peecho account has been integrated into Orderlytics you will see an Import From Peecho under the Products menu. 

Select the Peecho account from the menu to display available products and templates.

After a few seconds the Peecho available product list will be displayed.  You will see a table of available Peecho templates and any publications you have uploaded into your Peecho account.

The Product Import table

Using the check boxes select the products and/or templates you want to import into your Orderlytics account.

Use the green Import Selected button to import the Peecho products into the Orderlytics product list.

The Orderlytics Product List will be displayed after the import.  You will see the Peecho products you imported at the top of the Product list.

Update (edit) the Product ID field using the Action menu to enter your platform product IDs (e.g, Clickfunnels Product ID, Shopify SKU...etc.).

Once that is complete you are ready to make a test order.  

During the test you will need to go to your Peecho account to verify the order shows up in your Peecho Dashoard / Orders list.

If all looks good, then you are ready to start promoting your print on demand book and automate the order and fulfillment process. 

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