The following illustration is a depiction of the Orderlytics Setting page.  It includes the application settings required for each given Orderlytics service option.  The Settings page is broken down into three (3) sections for customers with only the Amazon Orders capability.

Stripe Settings:  The Stripe setting is ONLY required if you are NOT using Clickfunnels and accept payments via Direct Stripe or via another application/service, like Ontraport.  All that is required is to enter your Stripe Secret Key.

Orders Settings:  

  • Grouped Orders

The Grouped Orders by Shipping Address allows for orders being shipped to the same shipping address to be grouped into one shopping cart purchase as opposed to individual orders.  Set the Option to YES and enter the number of Hours to instructed Orderlytics hold the orders to ensure all sales to the same address have been completed.  This is important for sales funnels with multiple products (e.g., upsells) that the customer may purchase.

Benefits for Amazon Sellers:  The Grouping of orders saves in Amazon referral and other fees due to being a single order request vs. several orders. 

Note:  With the Grouped Orders enabled all orders will initially go to the Order Queue Page and wait the allotted time before being released into the Amazon ordering pipeline.  At that point the order will be represented on the Orders page with multiple product listed for the single order.

  • Order Bundling / Ship To Multiple Addresses 

The bundling feature groups orders together before placing them. This is often advantageous on retailers where larger orders are given free shipping. To use bundling, you only need to specify Ship To Multiple Addresses: YES when placing an order request.  

Bundling currently only works on the following retailers: Amazon, Amazon UK. 

The bundling feature allows you to take advantage of free shipping over $50 (on Amazon) without having to change your Orderlytics setup. Bundling will take the shipping addresses, products, and quantities from separate orders and will group them together into a single order, making sure that each product is routed correctly. The order requests and responses remain exactly the same. The only difference is when the order is placed. The order bundling feature will wait for enough orders in the queue before launching a bundled order. The exact dynamics are as follows: 

The order bundler will wait until $55 in products have been purchased. As soon as more than $55 of products have been queued with bundled: true, the bundler will launch a new order. 

If the order bundler has waited for longer than 6 hours and has not yet obtained $55 in products, it will launch an order with whatever products are currently in the queue. 

Note that the order bundler will not group together two orders which have the same product ids.

Place Order As Gift

For Amazon orders that are eligible to be shipped as Gift items this option should be turned ON if you want to suppress the product price from the end customer.  The option to insert a Gift message, such as, a "Thank you message" from your company with a toll free number or email address works well.

  • PROMO Code

This option is for Amazon FBA Sellers (sellers who send their own product to Amazon's warehouse) with a Professional Plan (paid monthly plan) that has the ability to generate promotional / coupon codes against their product inventory.  Create your 100% OFF promotion code (keep it secret so that only you can purchase your inventory with this code).  This will enable YOU to purchase the Amazon product Free via Orderlytics your own product from an off-site website (e.g., Clickfunnels).  Amazon will then ship the product to your end customer who purchased from your main sales page. Amazon Sellers refer to this sales model as "multi-channel" sales where FBA orders come from outside Amazon, but Amazon still fulfills the order.

NOTICE:  Orderlytics is not responsible if you lose or giveaway your promo code and your inventory is purchased 100% free.  Use at your own risk!

  • Allow Lower Price Setting

The allow lower price override is an option that if set to "Yes" will authorize Orderlytics to process / submit Amazon orders when the purchase price on your site is below the Amazon product cost.  The default is "No" (otherwise off) to provide protection against selling product below cost.  We realize there a special situations where you might want to enable this option, like to test new markets.  If you set the Allow Lower Price setting to "Yes" you do so at your own risk.  Orderlytics is not responsible for purchasing Amazon products higher than your sale price.

Google Analytics Settings

For Orderlytics customers who subscribed to the Google Analytics Ecommerce service, which is a totally separate service from the ordering app, will enter their GA UA Tracking ID for the website they want to report Ecommerce sales from Clickfunnels websites.

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